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A special place...a special people...and a special magic. The Cook Islands encompass an inviting combination of stunning beauty and Polynesian culture.
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Welcome to this group of 15 islands scattered over more than a million square miles of crystal blue water, where shimmering white beaches contrast with verdant hills, perfect for hiking. Located south of Hawaii, west of Tahiti, and east of Samoa and Tonga, the Cook Islands showcase Polynesian culture, friendly people and stunning beauty, making them a perfect choice for a memorable vacation.

The central island of Rarotonga offers a wide variety of excellent accommodations, from resorts to hotels to self-catering. The largest of the island at 20 miles around, Rarotonga is still small enough to explore by horse, bike, scooter, rental car or the island bus.

Snorkeling, diving, golf, tennis, cultural and arts and crafts exhibits, sailing and game fishing are all available for your pleasure. The restaurants are plentiful and the food excellent. While Maori is the principal language, everyone speaks English. The Cook Islands are ideal for a tranquil vacation, or as a stop on a more extensive itinerary.

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