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Have you ever longed to hop a freighter to the romantic South Seas? Well, now you can, with Aranui Cruises - a delightful alternative to themore sumptuous cruises in and around Tahiti.

The Aranui III is a state-of-the-art freighter that delivers supplies to the Marquesas Islands and also carries passengers. Inspired by the tales of Herman Melville, Jack London and Robert Louis Stevenson, travelers go along to get in touch with the spirit of adventure that lies dormant in us all. No other cruise offers such an authentic slice of Polynesian life.

The Aranui III offers comfortable living space in 85 cabins and a dormitory. Delightful cuisine, a lounge, pool, gym, attractive public areas and a crew of friendly Polynesian sailors make your cruise an unforgettable, fun adventure!

Tuamotu & Marquesas Islands Cruise

Your Cruise Includes:
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• All meals served aboard ship
• Excursions at ports of call
• Taxes
Tuamotu & Marquesas Islands Cruise

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