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Huahine Attractions

Huahine Attractions

Fare Pote'E
This vintage meetinghouse located along a coastal road in Maeva is being transformed into a small museum and cultural center. The area is home to several 16th-century lakeside "marae" - ancient stone structures, and stone fish traps shaped like a "V".

Marae Anini
The 19th-century archeological site on Huahine Iti known as Marae Anini was once a place of worship of the dieties Oro and Hiro. It is rumored to also have served as a sacrificial shrine.

Marae Manunu
One of Huahine's most renowned "marae" monoliths, Marae Manunu is one of the island's most interesting sites. The 100 foot-long sacred stone, which was reconditioned by American archeologist Kenneth Emory in 1933, possesses a curious rectangular shape.

One of the most sacred and important structures in Huahine, Matairea-Rahi features the foundations priest's homes, as well as a massive fortification wall that was built to protect the hilltop sanctuary against raiders arriving by sea.

Formerly the royal headquarters of Huahaine, Maeva is now best known for its many archeological artifacts, which can be observed all about the area. These lithic stones rise from the ground like a Polynesian version of England's Stonehenge.

Huahine Activities

There are great beaches all over Tahiti, but the palm-shaded, white-sand beaches of Huahine will leave you breathless. Take a dip in the pristine waters at Anini Beach, stroll along the strand at Fare Town Beach, or enjoy snorkeling at Motu Papiti or Sofitel Beach.

Huahine's great waves and consistent breaks are the most popular in all of French Polynesia. The Fare area of Huahine is especially popular with surfers, thanks largely to its accessibility. Fitii and Parea are also excellent sites.

Scuba Diving
With its remarkable underwater sites, Huahine is considered to be the most beautiful and most authentic of the Leeward Islands. Don your scuba gear and enter a sub-sea world of eels, rays, tunas, jack-fishes and neon-colored tropical fish.

With its open roads and manageable, courteous traffic, Huahine is a particularly safe place for cyclists. Rent a bike from any of the rental companies, and pedal to your heart's content. Some hotels and resorts also offer bikes.

Circle Island Tours
Spend the morning on a discovery tour of Huahine and you'll experience an amazing island, complete with vanilla plantations, vibrant local culture, marae (ancient Polynesian temples) and much more.

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