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Manihi Attractions

Manihi Attractions

Manihi Village
The homes in Manihi village are surrounded by handsome yards adorned with shells, shrubs and flowers. The village boasts one main concrete dock, a flagpole and a square where older residents gossip under the shade of a huge tree.

Turipaoa Village
This modest village is home to many of Manihi's 769 inhabitants. The colorful homes here are shaded by breadfruit trees and ornamented with frangipani, hibiscus and bougainvillea. Other citizens reside on the pearl farms built on struts beside the lagoon.

Manihi Activities

Dives sites off the island of Manihi are numerous. As its name would imply, the Drop Off is a steep wall just outside the reef that descends over 5,900 feet. The waters are alive with giant jack fish, snappers, marlin and other marine life.

Visitors seeking to catch some of the atoll's mahi mahi, tuna or jack fish will find plenty of sport fishing opportunities on Manihi. The Manihi Pearl Beach Resort can arrange excursions.

Biking on Manihi is a great way to relax and take in the sights and sounds. Take a short ride and you'll enjoy shady coconut groves, or lone roads pockmarked with land crab burrows. Bicycles can be rented at Manihi Pearl Beach Resort.

The snorkeling on Manihi atoll is among the best in the entire South Pacific, and the colorful fish and marine plant life are especially plentiful here. Forget your gear? Don't worry; the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort has a scuba/snorkel center on-property.

Shopping for Black Pearls
Manihi is the home to Tahiti's first black pearl farm, and today boasts many private and co-operative pearl farms. As a result, black pearls tend to cost less than on neighboring isles. Pick up something special to take home!

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