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Raiatea Attractions

Raiatea Attractions

Taputapuatea Archeological Area
An essential stop for those interested in archaeological treasures. Here, scientists have uncovered relics linking the island of Raiatea to Hawaii, corroborating the belief that Raiatea was a staging ground for ancient Polynesian mariners.

Apooiti Marina Complex
Home to the Clubhouse - touted as the largest restaurant on Raiatea/Tahaa - this marina is one of the more contemporary attractions in the area. The restaurant's large veranda is the ideal place to enjoy a drink on a warm evening.

Na Te Ara Museum
At the Apooiti Marina Complex, this small, fascinating museum boasts an assortment of flora and fauna indigenous to French Polynesia. The exhibit is a bonanza for wildlife lovers, and includes exotic butterflies, shells, coral, turtles, beetles and crustaceans.

Faaroa River
Winding its way though valleys, gorges and rainforests, the Faaroa river holds a mythic place in Tahiti's history. Bordered by wild hibiscus trees, this is the place where hundreds of brave Maori families departed on their migratory voyages to settle in New Zealand.

Raiatea Activities

Faaroa River Cruise
Spend a morning enjoying the sights and sounds of Raiatea on a Faaroa River Cruise. The cruise runs up the magnificent Faaroa River and lagoon, and includes some time for snorkeling as well.

Horseback Riding
What could be more romantic than a horseback tour through the wilds of Raiatea? Ride stately Marquesan horses through the mountainous tracks. Breathe in the fragrant, fruit-scented air as you gallop along the numerous rivers...a captivating experience.

Though Raiatea is bereft of beaches on the main island, a number of superb beaches dot the outlying reefs. Rent a boat and sail to white-sand paradises like Motu Nao Nao, Opeha Point, Motu TauTau and Motu Tehutu.

Rent a bicycle and take a casual ride down the sideroads and byways of Raiatea. Traffic on the island is relatively light, creating a perfect environment for cyclists to enjoy the island's blue seas and green mountains.

Vendors located on the Raiatea waterfront provide an atmosphere of an old-world marketplace. And be sure to check out Arri Boutique, which stocks hand painted, one-of-a-kind T-shirts and pareos with Tahitian motifs.

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