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Rangiroa Attractions

Rangiroa Attractions

Avatoru Village
Located on the western end of a string of connected islands, the village of Avatoru is where you'll find most of the island's businesses, banks and shops. Rangiroa's airport is also located here.

Tiputa Village
Tiputa is a 45-minute boatride from Avatoru. Though both communities boast a similar number of government agencies, Tiputa is the main administrative community, with an infirmary, post office and town hall.

There are a number of small islets within Rangiroa's blue lagoon that are important sanctuaries for bird life. The most popular of these islands is Paio, which is easily accessible by boat.

Rangiroa Activities

Rangiroa boasts such an abundance of white sand, the atoll can aptly be described as one big beach. That said, Rangiroa does have its share of officially designated beach areas. Popular spots include Blue Lagoon Motu, Tiputa Point and L'ile Aux Recifs.

Rangiroa is renowned for its excellent dive sites. A large variety of sea life can be found in its waters, including black-tip, gray and white-tip reef sharks and giant manta rays. Dive operators offer instruction and lead dives into the lagoon, passes and the open sea.

Parasailing is offered through Rangiroa Parasail. No training is required, and a parasail flight with boat excursion to Blue Lagoon or to reef island can be arranged. The views are truly spectacular.

Boat Tours
Local operators are available for independent or group excursions. If you wish to sail in the Blue Lagoon or to the bird sanctuary to Motu Paio, or want to check out the dolphins frolicking at Tiputa Pass or Site Ohutu in late afternoon, consult the hotel's activity desk.

Rangiroa's lagoon carries an astounding assortment of marine life, which makes it a prime spot for snorkeling. You don't have to go anywhere in particular to snorkel - just grab your mask and fins, walk out the front door of your hotel or pension, and jump in!

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