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Tahaa Attractions

Tahaa Attractions

Apooiti Marina Complex
Home to the Clubhouse - touted as the largest restaurant on Raiatea/Tahaa - this marina is one of the more contemporary attractions in the area. The restaurant's large veranda is the ideal place to enjoy a drink on a warm evening.

Haamene & Hurepiti Bays
These two narrow and fjordlike passages cut deep into the Tahaa landscape. Easily accessible by foot, both bays offer stunning panoramic vistas of the island's peaks and valleys.

Na Te Ara Museum
At the Apooiti Marina Complex, this small, fascinating museum boasts an assortment of flora and fauna indigenous to French Polynesia. The exhibit is a bonanza for wildlife lovers, and includes exotic butterflies, shells, coral, turtles, beetles and crustaceans.

Marae Taputapuatea
This Polynesian temple is a national monument, featuring six stone shrines located on a flat, sandy point. Throughout the history of French Polynesia, a number of human sacrifices were performed at this site.

Tahaa Activities

Island Tour by Canoe
A unique way to experience Tahaa is by canoe. Exploring the island this way, you'll visit and vanilla plantation and take some time to learn a little about the world-famous black pearls of French Polynesia.

When in Tahaa, do as the locals do: walk. As evidenced by the abundance of well-maintained trails here, walking is a basic form of transportation, and a great way to enjoy the Tahaa's peaks, plateaus and lagoons.

Take a dive into the beautiful blue waters off Tahaa and marvel at the island's undersea wrecks, fish and plant life. The island has a number of interesting dive sites, including numerous lagoon dives. There's no better way to explore Tahaa's undersea world.

Home to a wide variety of reef fish and plant life, the Tahaa area offers excellent snorkeling. Since fish feeding is practiced, the lagoon attracts schools of eels, perches, triggerfish, red snappers, silver jacks, tunas and red runners.

Thanks to the area's relatively low population, the waters around Tahaa are never short of fish. Fishing enthusiasts can take advantage of this situation by chartering a fishing boat for a half- or full-day. Cast your line and catch jackfish, mahi-mahi, marlin and sailfish.

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