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Hurricane Odile

The Mexican government initiated rescue flights on Tuesday, providing flights out of Los Cabos for travelers to Mexico City, Mazatlan, Tijuana and Guadalajara. The government anticipates that all tourists will be safely evacuated from Los Cabos by Saturday. The Los Cabos airport remains closed until further notice for all commercial air travel.  A number of commercial airlines including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and U.S. Airways have scheduled humanitarian flights to transport tourists out of Los Cabos today, Thursday, September 18.  At this time, there is still limited communications due to power outages throughout much of the area.

All ground handlers, including our own, have been working in concert to assist with the evacuation effort in Los Cabos and at airports in Mexico City, Mazatlan, Tijuana and Guadalajara. Pleasant Holidays continues to be in contact with them, the government and our hotel partners, assisting travelers with accommodations and return flights home.

Due to the damage sustained in the Los Cabos region by Hurricane Odile, we strongly encourage all travelers and agents with scheduled departures to the region through October 16, 2014 to contact Pleasant Holidays reservations for assistance in alternative arrangements.
       - If currently in the destination, call: 1-877-295-1855
       - All others call our main reservation line at: 1-800-448-3333

For up-to-the-minute airline information, travelers should contact their specific airline or check the carrier’s website.

For more information about other tropical storms visit http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?epac

For storm information specific to your area, please monitor products issued by your national meteorological service.

We will continue to update this webpage as we receive more information.

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