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Dallas & Fort Worth

Dallas & Fort Worth Travel Information

When to Go

Dallas' summers are fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot and its winters cool (it occasionally snows), making spring and autumn months the best times to visit. April to May and September to October are also the peaks of the festival season in Dallas and neighboring towns, offering hearty Texan helpings of art, barbecue, music, rodeo and tall tales.

Region: Texas

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Hyatt Regency Dallas

Hyatt Regency Dallas

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Set in the heart of downtown Dallas, adjacent to the historic district, West End, entertainment district and arenas, this luxurious 50-story hotel features unsurpassed views of the city.

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While some would say sheepishly that the weather depends on the aircon, it tends to be generally warm throughout the year and fiercely hot in summer. Rain is most common in spring and is often accompanied by lightning storms and, in extreme cases, hail, floods, tornados and hurricanes. As Dallas is wedged between 'tornado alley' and the Gulf, severe weather is always possible.

Getting Around

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is a busy airport, with about 1400 daily flights arriving or leaving from an airfield bigger than Manhattan island. Most are to other US cities, but there are also many Canadian, Mexican and European connections. Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), the area's secondary airport, serves regional destinations primarily on Southwest Airlines.

DFW is 16mi northwest of Dallas; Love Field is 7mi northwest of the city. Shuttles and taxis run between the airports and the city, and car rentals are available. Monday to Saturday, Trinity Railway Express commuter rail connects DFW with Forth Worth and Dallas.

Greyhound buses travel between Dallas and Fort Worth (one hour), Austin (four to six hours), Houston (five to six hours), San Antonio (five to seven hours) and El Paso (11-14 hours). The Greyhound Bus Terminal is located 205 S Lemar St. Union Station, in Dallas' west end, is the beacon for Amtrak trains (401 S Houston St). The Texas Eagle links San Antonio and Chicago through Dallas.

Dallas is at the convergence of about a dozen major highways, so it's easy to access from all points of the compass. If you're a masochist, you'll count rush-hour driving on Dallas's freeways among life's peak experiences. Rent a car at one of many agencies in town and at the airports.

DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) is the region's public transportation system, with both buses and light-rail trains serving downtown Dallas and the outlying areas. The McKinney Ave Trolley runs from the corner of Ross Ave and St Paul St, near the Dallas Museum of Art, and up McKinney Ave to Hall St.

Cabs congregate at the airports, bus and train depots and hotels.

Entry Requirements

All US visa information is highly subject to change. US entry requirements keep evolving as national security regulations change. All travelers should double-check current visa and passport regulations before coming to the USA. The US State Department maintains the most comprehensive visa information, providing downloadable forms, lists of US consulates abroad and even visa wait times calculated by country.

Health and Safety

Dallas has its fair share of big city crime but is making a stalwart effort to keep stats down. Generally keeping your wits about you, especially in the south and east parts of the city, will see you through. For solo travelers the West End Marketplace is among the city's safest areas after dark, with visible police patrols. Perhaps a more likely source of annoyance is the city's chronic traffic woes. Try not to travel during the morning and evening commuter rush.


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