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Sorrento Vacations & Travel

Sorrento Vacations

Picture the perfect marriage of land and sea, ancient history and modern pleasures, known as Sorrento. Gazing upon the emerald waters of the Bay of Naples in southwestern Italy with a view of Mt. Vesuvius in the distance, one quickly realizes that Sorrento is a sight to behold in a country full of impressive scenery. From regal churches, such as St. Francis and the blessedly beautiful Cathedral of Sorrento, to the magical Museum Correale, housed in a unique 18th century villa, Sorrento boasts both cultural and religious sites amid sweeping vistas of azure seas, stunning mountains and clear blue skies.

Region: Italy

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Hilton Sorrento Palace

Hilton Sorrento Palace

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The exclusive Hilton Sorrento Palace showcases bright and modern rooms, a gorgeous citrus garden and stunning rooftop infinity pool.

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Sorrento's prime shopping area surrounding Via San Cesarea offers a range of stellar boutiques and charming cafes. Sipping some of the locally crafted limoncello liqueur in the Piazza Tasso amid the sweeping Sorrentine Peninsula is one of life’s simple, and long remembered, pleasures. Any sun-blessed vacation in this heavenly Italian region is one to forever treasure.

What To Do

Roam through the narrow streets of Sorrento’s old town, through historic palazzos and quaint boutiques.

Focus on the amazing works of art at the impressive Museum Correale, as well as the surrounding fragrant citrus groves and glorious Gulf of Naples.

Sample some of the region’s sweet limoncello liqueur made from lemons grown along Sorrento’s marvelous hillsides.

Take a day trip to the historic sites of Pompeii. Explore the awesomely beautiful Amalfi Coast and Island of Capri.