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Chattanooga to Nashville

A breathtaking panorama from the cliffs of Chattanooga's Lookout Mountain sets the tone for this unrivaled journey through ports of call that played a part in the conflict which tore a nation apart. Cruise from Chattanooga to Nashville and gain a new appreciation for how the frayed fabric of America has been woven back together.
Chattanooga to Nashville
Chattanooga to Nashville Cruise Map
2018 Cruise Voyages
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  • Nov 25
  • 8 nights
  • Memphis, Decatur, Savannah, Paducah, Dover, New Orleans
  • Civil War

Civil War

Learn of the skirmishes that pitted brother against brother in a nation divided in this immersive Civil War experience. Delve into the strategies, both military and political, that shaped the events of the American Civil War. Watch and listen as tribute artists bring key figures to life and set the stage with period music while noted Civil War historians offer enlightening lectures. Visit the bloody battlefields and hallowed cemeteries of the fallen soldiers, and the ramparts that remind us of a war that changed a nation