NCL Hawaii Cruise Vacations

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    Uncruise Adventures

  • Exploring waters inaccessible to larger ships, Uncruise Adventures' small group experiences combine discovery, impeccable service, and expertise to deliver activities and excursions that complement the wilderness, wildlife, culture and heritage of the places they visit.
  • Hawaii Cruises

    Hop among islands on an inclusive exploration-watch for whales; "talk story" with locals; explore a sacred valley; and enjoy time at play-paddle, hike, and snorkel. Then relax on deck, mingle in the lounge, or chat up the captain on the bridge. Many of our crew are from Hawaii, so they keep it authentic. Immerse yourself in aloha, and experience the islands from a different perspective.

  • Pacific Northwest Cruises

    Explore Washington's old-growth rainforest, winding channels, National Parks, and the San Juan archipelago. Or opt for a yachters' paradise on both sides of the border-Canada and the US-charming seaside towns, Princess Louisa Inlet, High Tea in Victoria, and the San Juan Islands. With either, wilderness and exploration highlight the region's most dramatic coastal scenery.

  • Mexico Cruises

    Our inclusive island-hopping cruise in the Sea of Cortés showcases adventure, culture, and wildlife-boobies, pelicans, frigate birds; humpback, gray, pilot, and blue whales; whale sharks, dolphins, and sea lions. Paddle and hike along desert landscape. Snorkel with sea lion pups. Ride a mule into the arroyos with local rancheros. And discover firsthand how small the human presence here truly is.

  • Galapagos Islands Cruises

    Uncover New World marvels and Darwin’s archipelago wonderland on this magnificent cruise adventure.  Explore two UNESCO World Heritage sites - the Galapagos Islands and Quito’s Colonial City. Visit seven islands and islets and view nesting birds and wildlife in their natural habitat.  Each day of your voyage will be filled with the promise of adventure and the joy of discovery.

  • Panama Canal Cruises

    Especially your sense of wonder. Explore Panama's vast Darien Jungle, snorkel Guna Yala's (formerly San Blas) Eden-like islands, discover Native customs, and watch for humpback whales; or hike Costa Rican jungle as macaws, sloths, and monkeys keep watch, kayak and skiff secluded mangrove forests, and count the many species of hummingbirds you see. And transit the 48-mile Panama Canal!