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American Duchess River Cruise | Lewis & Clark
Louisville to St. Louis - 9 Days

The Ohio River served as a thrilling avenue of American Discovery. Explorers became heroes, bigger-than-life exploits were transformed into legends, and American identity was forever tied to the West. The wilderness region is just as evocative today with an abundance of history to explored. Delve into the early days of American exploration and acquaint yourself with the heroic Lewis and Clark Expedition. Special guest historians will be onboard to provide you with a sense of the challenges and triumphs that the nation's early pioneers faced.

Cruise Information: Louisville to St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri

X American Duchess Lousiville to St. Louis Itinerary Map

Cruise Itinerary: American Duchess Louisville to St. Louis

Cruise Schedule Destination
Day 1: Louisville, KY
Day 2: Louisville, KY
Day 3: Brandenburg, KY
Day 4: Owensboro, KY
Day 5: Paducah, KY
Day 6: Cape Girardeau, MO
Day7: Chester, IL
Day 8: River Cruising
Day 9: St. Louis, MO - Disembark 8:00 AM

Louisville to St. Louis River Cruise Highlights

  • Churchill Downs
  • Kentucky Bourbon Region
  • Quaint Towns
  • Scenic River Valley H Underground Railroad History
  • Steamboat Heritage and Museums
  • St. Louis Gateway Arch
  • Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery-Themed Enrichment

Cruise Themes

Lewis and Clark Monument

Lewis & Clark

Discover how the Ohio River served as a thrilling avenue of American discovery, delve into the early days of American exploration, and get acquainted with the courageous pioneers.

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