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Panama City

Panama City Vacations

Gateway to Latin America and a vibrant destination in its own right, Panama City is a thriving center for international banking and trade. Scattered throughout the city lie colonial neighborhoods, monolithic skyscrapers and windswept ruins of old Spanish settlements.

Region: Panama

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Riu Plaza Panama

Riu Plaza Panama

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Panama City

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Visitors to Panama City are often awe-struck by the colonial district of Casco Viejo, a dilapidated neighborhood of historic buildings and cobbled streets reminiscent of old Havana. Crumbling on the edge of the sea for decades, Casco Viejo is priming itself to charm and enchant visitors once more.

What To Do

Whether you measure the pulse of the city by the beat of the salsa clubs on Calle Uruguay or by the staccato of the street vendors' voices in Casco Viejo, chances are you'll slip into the rhythm of this Latin playground. It's a fantastic base to explore nearby rainforest and beaches.

What To See

Panama's major sights are found to the west in Casco Viejo, home to remnants of the city's colonial heritage. To the north is Parque Natural Metropolitano, an enormous tract of rainforest that serves as a refuge from big city life. In the south, the Causeway has restaurants, bars and fine ocean views.


Nightlife is stylish, sophisticated and fairly pricey. The well-to-do denizens of Panama City love a good scene, so it's worth scrubbing up and parting with your dough.


Although not as famous as the celebrations in Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans, Carnaval in Panama City is celebrated with the same level of unrestrained merriment and wild abandon during the four days preceding Ash Wednesday. It is the city's most notable festival.

Food and Drink

Panama City has literally hundreds of places to eat, from the gritty working-class hole-in-the-wall to the garden bistro, with everything in between. Reflecting its large immigrant population, Panama City offers an enticing palette of cuisines from every corner of the globe.