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Placencia Travel Information

Region: Belize

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Belize Ocean Club Resort and Spa

Belize Ocean Club Resort and Spa

Our 3.5-Star classification designates those properties where guests experience an ideal mix of comfortable accommodations and modern amenities. Most of these hotels feature a variety of services, and offer distinguished style and comfort. Half star indicates that the hotel/resort meets all criteria of the designated rating and exceeds in certain areas.

This tropical chic resort sits on the best beach in Central America, offering gorgeous ocean and mountain views.

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Like the rest of southern Belize, Placencia is hot and humid year-round. During the cooler months (December to March), average lows drop to 18°C (64°F) while average highs hover around 84°F. In the warmer months (May to September) temperatures range between 72-88°F. If you're here during the wet season (June to November) expect flooding and landslides - rainfall is torrential. This is also the hurricane season. You might want to keep your umbrella out for the dry season (January to April) as well. The raindrops are certainly smaller, but they still fall.

Getting Around

Placencia airport (PLJ) is 1mi north of Placencia. Maya Island Air and Tropic Air share 16 daily flights to Belize City, 12 to Dangriga and eight to Punta Gorda - big time savings over the bus option.

The Hokey Pokey Water Taxi services Mango Creek on the west side of Placencia Lagoon. This also enables travelers to connect with buses on the Southern Hwy in the town of Independence - an alternative to taking a bus in and out of Placencia. The 45-passenger Gulf Cruza sails from Placencia dock to Puerto Cortés, Honduras. Tickets are sold at the Placencia Tourism Center.

Novelo's bus line stops at Hotel Hello, and the James bus line stops at Sherl's Restaurant. There are southbound services to Punta Gorda and northbound services to Dangriga and Belize City.

The road into Placencia from the Southern Hwy (24mi) is unpaved except for two stretches: through Seine Bight and just before Placencia. Rent a car from Nautical Inn.

Many hotels north of the village offer free airport transfers and free use of bicycles for guests.

Taxis meet many flights. A one-way trip costs around 2.50. From Placencia, expect to pay around 10.00 to reach Seine Bight, and 15.00 for Maya Beach.

Dianni's Guest House rents good bicycles.

Entry Requirements

Contact the Belize consulate for the most up-to-date information on entry requirements.


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