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Hamburg Travel Information

When to Go

There isn't really a particular time of year that is best to visit Hamburg, because it can be chilly year round. Hamburg is particularly renowned for its Schmuddelwetter; literally this means 'foul weather' but in practice it usually just means constant drizzle. Summer temperatures usually don't creep much over 20°C (68°F) and winter is prime time if you want to head south to the Harz Mountains.

While Germany can have pleasant summer weather, northern areas including Hamburg are known for their year-round Reizklima, or 'healthy, bracing climate'. Summer temperatures don't creep much over 20°C (68°F). Winter is prime ski time if you want to head south for the alps of the Harz Mountains.

Region: Germany

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Getting Around

Flying into Hamburg is fairly easy; its international airport has flights across Europe, and is well connected to the city center and Hauptbahnhof by the S-Bahn. The journey via S-Bahn into the city takes 24 minutes.

The city is well served by trains, with four main train stations. There are hourly trains to Lübeck, Kiel, Bremen, Frankfurt and Munich. There are also regular direct services to Berlin, Cologne, Copenhagen and Paris.

Buses connect with Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, with some agencies specializing in trips to Eastern Europe. The Zentral Omnibus Busbahnhof  is most popular for services to Central and Eastern Europe.

If you're driving, the autobahns A1 (Lübeck-Bremen) and A7 (Hanover-Kiel) cross just south of the city.

Hamburg's extensive system of U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses and ferries won't leave you stranded. S- and U-Bahn tickets can be purchased at the bright orange machines at station entrances, while bus tickets are available from the driver. From midnight to dawn, the night-bus network takes over from the trains, converging on the main metropolitan bus station at Rathausmarkt.

City driving is surprisingly easy, with clear thoroughfares cutting through the town center. The only drawback is expensive parking, particularly in the city center or at hotel car parks.

Entry Requirements

Please contact the German consulate for up-to-date information on travel document requirements.

Health and Safety

Although safe, Hamburg contains several red-light districts around the train station and Reeperbahn. The Hansaplatz in St Georg can feel a bit dicey after dark. Fortunately, there's a strong police presence in these areas.



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