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Prague Travel Information

When to Go

While attractions across much of the Czech Republic are closed or keep limited hours outside the summer season, Prague caters for visitors all year round. Periods when the tourist crush is especially oppressive include the Easter and Christmas/New Year holidays, as well as May and June. Many Czechs go on holiday in July and August, during which time the supply of bottom-end accommodation actually increases, as student hostels are opened to visitors. If you can put up with the cold and the periodic smog alerts during weather inversions, hotel space is plentiful in winter (outside Christmas/New Year), and Prague is gorgeous under a mantle of snow.

Region: Europe

Featured Prague Hotel

Prague Marriott Hotel

Prague Marriott Hotel

Our 4-Star classification designates those properties with well-appointed, deluxe accommodations, extensive amenities and comprehensive guest services. Expect attention to detail and a warm and hospitable staff ready to cater to your needs. These superb properties offer a truly refined getaway.
Old Town

This elegant hotel is just moments away from Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge, and other popular attractions.

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Getting Around

Prague has an excellent integrated public transport system of metro, trams, buses and night trams, but when you're moving around the compact old town or the castle area, you might find it more convenient and scenic to use your feet. If you're using the metro system, bank on about one or two minutes per metro stop. Times between tram stops are posted at each stop and on www.dpp.cz

Entry Requirements

Since March 2008 the Czech Republic has been part of the European Union's Schengen Agreement, and citizens of EU and EEA countries do not need a visa for any type of visit. Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, the USA and others can enter visa-free for up to 90 days. A full list of countries with visa requirements can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: www.mfa.cz.

Emergency Information

Praha 1 Police Station
If your passport, wallet or other valuables have been stolen, report the loss to any police station within 24 hours. The easiest place is the Praha 1 police station, near the foot of Wenceslas Square. Tell them what language you speak, and they’ll give you a standard crime report form to fill out, which they will stamp and return (this is for insurance purposes only; the crime will almost certainly not be investigated). Once you have a crime report, you can apply to the consular department of your embassy for a replacement passport.

Na Homolce Hospital
The best hospital in Prague, equipped and staffed to Western standards, with staff who speak English, French, German and Spanish.

District Clinic
Has a 24-hour pharmacy (lékárna)


Currency - Czech Koruna


Practical information to assist you before and during your trip.

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