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Valencia Travel Information

When to Go

Valencia has year-round sunshine, warm weather and mild winters. Summer can be humid, but cooling winds off the sea temper much of the discomfort. Occasional rainfall is spread evenly across the year, slowing only in July at the peak of summer. October gets by far the most rain. Locals abandon the city in droves during August, when many restaurants, bars and shops close. On the positive side, the city's much quieter then and hotel prices are generally at their lowest.

Region: Spain

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The Westin Valencia

The Westin Valencia

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Valencia, Spain

The Westin Valencia, one of the most impressive structures in the city, is situated within walking distance from the historical, cultural, and shopping center of Valencia.

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Winter skies are generally blue and temperatures bracing but not cold. The summer months of July and August, when average daily maximums hover around 30°C (86°F)and humidity is high, can be sticky. Then, simply dunk yourself in the Mediterranean, whose average temperature is 20°C (68°F) or higher between June and October. Rain may fall at any time but is negligible except in spring (March, April and May) and autumn, especially September and October. Even at these times, most days will be sunny rather than overcast. But the downpours, when they come, can be torrential...

Getting Around

Valencia has an integrated bus, tram and metro network. EMT buses ply town routes, while MetroBus serves outlying towns and villages. MetroBus takes a roundabout route to/from the bus station, departing every 10 minutes. Trains run from Estación del Norte every 20 minutes (hourly at weekends). A taxi into the center is available, though more expensive. Orange Bikes (Calle Santa Teresa 8) rents mountain and town bikes and sells second-hand cycles. By car or motorbike, street parking is close to impossible, but there are a number of underground car parks available. Major car-hire companies compete with local product for the rental market. Take a good look around as there are bargains out there. Most EMT buses run until about 22:00, with night services continuing on seven routes until around 01:00. The smart high-speed tram is a pleasant way to get to the beach, the paella restaurants of Las Arenas and the port. Pick it up at Pont de Fusta or where it intersects with the Metro at Benimaclet. Metro lines serve the outer suburbs. For taxis, call Radio-Taxi or Valencia Taxi.

Entry Requirements

Please contact the consulate for up-to-date information on travel document requirements.

Health and Safety

Most visitors to Spain never feel remotely threatened, but a sufficient number have unpleasant experiences to warrant an alert. The main thing to be wary of is petty theft (which may of course not seem so petty if your passport, cash, travelers checks, credit card and camera go missing). In other words, be careful but don't be paranoid.



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