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Sedona Travel Information

When to Go

The climate in Sedona is surprisingly pleasant and mild for Arizona. Rainfall averages 431mm (17in) spread across the year, with the driest months being May and June coinciding with the start of the hottest period of the year (May to September) when temperatures can nudge the mercury up to 33°C (91°F) and over.

Region: Flagstaff & Sedona

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Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock

Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock

Our 3.5-Star classification designates those properties where guests experience an ideal mix of comfortable accommodations and modern amenities. Most of these hotels feature a variety of services, and offer distinguished style and comfort. Half star indicates that the hotel/resort meets all criteria of the designated rating and exceeds in certain areas.
Sedona, Arizona

This exquisite resort is set amidst the spectacular beauty of the magnificent red rock formations surrounding Sedona.

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Getting Around

Located about 175km (110mi) north of Phoenix, Sedona is a popular base for trips to the Grand Canyon. Most travelers arrive via Phoenix. From Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport regular shuttles connect to Sedona throughout the day. Charter flights are also available from Phoenix

If you're pushed for time, one way to see a lot of country is with your own four wheels. Right in town, the short drive up paved Airport Rd opens up panoramic views of the valley. At sunset, the rocks blaze a psychedelic red and orange that'll have you burning up the pixels in your digicam. Airport Mesa is the closest vortex to town.

Although mountain bikes are verboten in the wilderness area, the biking in and around Sedona is awesome, with lots of single-track trails carving through canyons, forest and desert.

Health and Safety

Nature's own elements will be of most concern whilst in Sedona. Sensible precautions can help avoid dehydration, heat exhaustion & heatstroke. Take it easy as you acclimatize to Arizona's high temperatures. Always drink plenty of water. Don't forget to slap on some sunscreen.

Watch where you step when you hike - particularly on hot summer afternoons and evenings, when rattlesnakes like to bask on the trail. Scorpions spend their days under rocks and woodpiles; use caution.

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