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Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Vacations

This southern Guatemala UNESCO World Heritage Site is framed by towering volcanoes, including active and aptly named Volcán de Fuego (Volcano of Fire). Antigua Guatemala is best known for its stunning Spanish colonial structures, such as Iglesia de la Merced, the town’s most famous and photographed church which dates to 1767. 

Region: Guatemala

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Pensativo House Hotel

Pensativo House Hotel

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Once the colonial capital of Guatemala, colorful Antigua is today home to world-class restaurants, contemporary art galleries, and, due to its rich volcanic soil and homegrown coffee beans, some of the best cafés in the country. Must-see sights in Antigua Guatemala include the iconic Santa Catalina Arch, the symbol of the city; ChocoMuseo, one of the top cacao and chocolate museums in Latin America; and Convento Santa Clara, the grandest ruins in historic Antigua. 

Historic Center

The cobblestone streets of the walkable historic center are the heart and soul of Antigua Guatemala. Here you will find some of the city’s top attractions, including the iconic Santa Catalina Arch, Convento Santa Clara, and Parque Central. 

What to See

Santa Catalina Arch – This timeless symbol of the city, which is topped by a clock, dates to the 17th century. The Santa Catalina Arch was built to allow nuns from the adjacent convents to cross the street without being seen, and today is one of Antigua Guatemala’s most-visited attractions. 

Iglesia de la Merced – This 18th-century church boasts a canary-yellow façade and one of the largest stone fountains in Central America. It was built to withstand earthquakes and is one of Antigua Guatemala’s few colonial churches that did. 

Parque Central – This central park is Antigua Guatemala’s main meeting place, for locals and visitors alike. It is surrounded by well-preserved colonial buildings and widely considered one of the most beautiful parks/plazas in the country. 

Convento Santa Clara – The remains of this large religious complex include beautiful courtyards, arches, and the stonework façade of a church. Today, Convento Santa Clara, which was destroyed by an earthquake in the 18th century, is one of the city’s most popular sights and wedding venues.