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This UNESCO World Heritage Site and major site of Mayan civilization is located deep within the jungles of the Maya Biosphere Reserve in northern Guatemala and dates to the 4th century BC. 

Region: Guatemala

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Hotel Camino Real Tikal

Hotel Camino Real Tikal

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Tikal is one of the biggest archaeological sites of the pre-Columbian Maya world and the largest excavated site in the American continent. In fact, this vast complex of ruins contains more than 3,000 structures. In addition to Mayan ruins, Tikal National Park includes miles of trails and spectacular wildlife, including howler and spider monkeys, deer, coatimundis, parrots, and toucans. Some of Tikal’s most spectacular ruins can be found in the Great Plaza, which includes the Temple of the Great Jaguar, Temple of the Mask, the North Acropolis, and the Central Acropolis. 

What to See

Temple of the Great Jaguar – Also known as Tikal Temple I, this stepped pyramid structure dating to approximately 700 AD rises 154 feet above the Great Plaza and is one of the most iconic sites at Tikal. The temple’s nine tiers, which represent the nine levels of the underworld, are crowned by a characteristic roof comb.  

Temple of the Masks – Lying opposite the Temple of the Great Jaguar is the Temple of the Masks, or Tikal Temple II. This temple has only three tiers, but still stands at an impressive 125 feet, including its roof comb. The Temple of the Masks is also the most assiduously restored major temple at Tikal. 

El Mundo Perdido – Otherwise known as the Lost World, this astronomical complex consists of 38 structures, including an immense four-sided pyramid. 

When to Go

The best time to explore Tikal is during the dry season, November to April, as you will be outside. Keep in mind that September is the rainiest month of the year in Guatemala.