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The soothing colors of Paros, from clear turquoise seas to milky white hills, lull visitors into a dreamlike state of rejuvenating calm.

Region: Greece

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Parilio, a Member of Design Hotels

Parilio, a Member of Design Hotels

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This island oasis is the gateway to Cyclades, presenting an authentic Greek experience by the sea, ideal for exploring local beaches, fishing villages, ancient sites and churches.

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This lovely Greek island also boasts many picturesque villages, such as Naoussa, a cosmopolitan fishing village east of the capital of Parakia, and the medieval Marpissa, near the popular beaches of Loyarás and Písso Livádi. Myriad Paros beaches, such as Marcello, provide the perfect setting for sunbathers and swimmers.

Those looking to explore more of Paros will be rewarded with the charms of its old town of Parikia, an enchanting labyrinth of whitewashed shops and quaint cafés. When night falls, Parikia and the rest of the island, is bathed in a golden light. During the day, Paros looks and feels like an impressionist painting. After all, the marble found in these hills was the source of such artistic inspirations as the statue of Venus de Milo.

A medieval kastro (castle) complex in Parikia was built by a Venetian Duke during the 13th century. The 6th century church of Panayia Ekatontapyliani, meaning church of 100 gates, one of which was secret, is waiting to be explored by curious travellers, along with the incredible ancient temple of Athena. From here, visitors are treated to one of the most superb views in all the Aegean.

What To Do

Explore small churches, such as Panagia of Stavros, built right into the wall in the kastro (castle).

Sunbathe and swim in the gentle turquoise seas of such renowned beaches as Marcello, Kolimbithres, and Chryssi Akti.

Discover the fascinating culture of the region at the Museum of Aegean Folk Culture at Léfkes.

People-watch at a lovely taverna overlooking the colorful fishing boats of Náoussa, and explore the ancient ruins of its Venetian fortress. Uncover fascinating artifacts, such as the 3rd century Parian Chronicle which notes the region’s major events, at the Archaeological Museum in Parikia. Visit the charming Folklore Museum in Aliki, with its collection of miniatures created by local artist Benetos Skiadas.

Hike along the Byzantine Léfkes-Pródromos trail; then, cool off in one of the island’s splendid beaches.