Pricing and Specials

Are all hotel taxes included in my price?

Yes, all hotel taxes are included in our vacation packages.

Can I book all of your specials online?

The vast majority of our specials are available for reservation online. However, due to inventory restrictions, special deposit policies or other requirements, some specials must be booked through us directly by calling the number listed at the top of this page.

Can I stay longer than the advertised duration for a special?

Most specials do not have a maximum length of stay defined. Each special or promotion is subject to certain restrictions and requirements. Once you have selected your destination and your package, you will find applicable restrictions and/or requirements listed within the description of the package.

Do you offer specials that are valid for web users only?

All of the pricing and specials available online are also available through our Reservations Department, who you can contact by calling the number at the top of this page.

Is the price of my package guaranteed once I've applied money?

Packages are guaranteed once a deposit in combination with the Travel Protection Plan has been applied. Specific destination requirements are listed in the online destination brochures under General Conditions.

Why can't I find the low airfare or package I saw advertised today?

If you are unable to obtain a price that was advertised or one that you saw previously on our website, it might not be available on the dates you have selected. If you saw the price advertised online, the advertisement will include the days of the week on which the special price is valid. You may alter your travel dates to check if the price is available on another day.

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