Using the site

Do I need to register to use your site?

No. Unless you are a travel agent, we do not require you to register to use the site. However, you will need to register if you wish to access your booking online, make a final payment on a booking after a deposit has been made or take advantage of the many features only available to registered users. Travel agents conducting business online, on behalf of their clients, need to be registered users of our site in order to access the features and benefits that meet their specific needs...

I have a booking with you. Am I able to access it online?

If you created a reservation on our website, and are a registered user, you can access your booking online. To check your reservation online, click on the Sign In link located in the upper right corner of our website. If you are a travel agent, you can retrieve your bookings by logging into our travel agent site - click here.

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What are the luggage requirements for the airline I am using?

Each airline has different baggage requirements regarding size and weight. Please contact the carrier directly for luggage requirements and dimensions.

What are the system requirements to use the site?

A Firefox web browser 3.0 or later version, Internet Explorer 7.0 web browser or later version, or Safari 5.0 browser or later version.

Why can't I find the departure city I want?

If you are unable to locate your choice of departure city, it may be that we do not offer airfares from that city to your selected destination. You can select another departure city or call us at the phone number listed at the top of this page for more information.

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