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Jordan, a culturally diverse country located in the heart of the Middle East, stands at the crossroads of the Asian, African, and European continents, and is home to world-famous Petra and the Dead Sea.

Region: Middle East

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The St. Regis Amman

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Jordan’s terrain is comprised of deserts, mountains, rivers, fertile valleys, and a single seaport in the city of Aqaba. Jordan also contains the lowest point on earth, within the Dead Sea and the Great Rift Valley. Amman, the capital of Jordan, stands as the country's largest city and serves as its cultural and political center. Throughout this captivating country, there are several historical, archaeological, and cultural sites that can be viewed by visitors year-round.

What to See

The Ancient City of Petra - One of Jordan’s most popular tourist sites, Petra is listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and is as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wadi Rum Desert - Often referred to as the “valley of the moon,” it is known for its unique landscape of rolling dunes and jagged sandstone mountains. Its protected landscapes and mesmerizing beauty have served as locations for two Star Wars movies: "The Rise of Skywalker" and "Rogue One."

The Dead Sea - This is the lowest point on Earth. Due to this, as well as its high salt content, the waters offer an exclusive and luxurious spa-like experience, of floating and soaking. Because the mud is so rich in essential minerals, visitors from all over are known to bathe in it. The mud is reported to be good for the skin as well as various aches and pains.

The Ancient City of Jerash - Some of the more pristinely preserved Roman ruins in existence, aside from those that reside in Italy. This is another of Jordan's most popular tourist attractions, as they stand only 30 miles from Amman, Jordan’s capital.

Canyoning at Wadi Al-Mujib - Considered one of the best ways to enjoy the Dead Sea, because the Mujib Biosphere Reserve is the lowest nature reserve in the world, it is also home to a variety of rare wildlife and delicate species. Canyoning at Wadi Al-Mujib can be best understood as part swim, part hike, part climb but is usually described by tourists as the adventure of a lifetime and one of the best features Jordan has to offer.

When to Go

Favorable seasons and best times to visit Jordan would be during the spring and the fall when the weather is tolerable. Summers can be scorching and uncomfortable, especially in the desert regions. However, the winters can be tough as well, temperatures often proving to be cooler than expected, with snowfall in some areas.


The biggest festivals to watch for in Jordan are the Jerash Festival and Ramadan. The Jerash Festival is a cultural festival, connecting art, music, local crafts, dancing, and community. It all takes place within the city of Jerash, to highlight their roots, history, and influence. This festival usually occurs at the end of July into August. Ramadan represents the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is another large event, observed by Muslims worldwide. It is a time of fasting, reflection, prayer, fellowship, and community, and an extremely festive time for the country of Jordan, between March and April.

Entry Requirements

Jordan issues single-entry visas to U.S. citizens upon arrival at Queen Alia International Airport and most international land border crossings. Passport Validity: Six months.