Middle East and Africa Cruises

Middle East & Africa Cruises

Explore some of the planet’s most fascinating and mysterious ancient sites on a Middle East and Africa cruise. Sail on the Red Sea to Luxor, Egypt, and visit the namesake Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple Complex. Disembark at Ain Sokhna on the Red Sea and journey inland to the renowned Pyramids at Giza, also home to the Great Sphinx. Head to the interior of Jordan from the port city Aqaba and visit Petra, a historic city carved from rock and one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites.
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Nile Cruises

Cruise up the renowned Nile River in Egypt. Before embarking in Aswan, visit the Aswan High Dam, one of the largest embankment dams in the world, and Philae Temple, an island-based temple complex and treasure trove of Greco-Roman ruins.

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