St. Louis Arch, Mississippi River Cruise

American Cruise Lines | Mississippi River Gateway Cruise -
New Orleans to St. Louis

On this 11- day journey from New Orleans to St. Louis, discover what makes the Mississippi River legendary. The delectable cuisine, stunning scenery, and fascinating historic landmarks are an experience for the soul.

Cruise Information: Mississippi River Gateway Cruise

Mississippi River Gateway Cruise

X Mississippi River Gateway Cruise

Cruise Itinerary: Mississippi River Gateway Cruise

Cruise DayCruise Port
Pre Complimentary Package
Day 1 New Orleans, LA
Day 2 Baton Rouge, LA
Day 3 Natchez, MS
Day 4 Vicksburg, MS
Day 5 Day of River Cruising
Day 6 Memphis, TN
Day 7 New Madrid, MO
Day 8 Paducah, KY
Day 9 Day of River Cruising
Day 10 St. Louis, MO
Day 11 St. Louis, MO

American Cruise Lines Highlights

  • Ideal Viewing Locations
  • Historic Landmarks
  • Onboard Experts and Performers
  • Regionally Inspired Cuisine
  • Unique Onshore Experiences
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