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British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Travel Information

When to Go

Tourist season peaks between December and May, although nearly any time of year is perfect for a holiday in the sun-blessed British Virgin Islands. Daily highs reach around 82 F during the summer, with wintertime temperatures only five degrees cooler.

April through August offer the calmest seas, ideal for diving. September to November brings the most rain, which is usually short and sweet. Trade winds keep the region’s humidity low, while Caribbean currents make the surrounding seas delightfully warm.

Region: Caribbean

Fast Facts

The highest point in the British Virgin Islands is Mount Sage on Tortola at 1,716 feet.

The magical Alice in Wonderland dive site off Ginger Island is named for its mushroom-shaped coral and is home to colorful angelfish, lobsters, and turtles (however, you’ll find no mad hatters or Cheshire cats).

Christopher Columbus visited the islands in 1493, calling them Las Virgines.

Fewer than three people at a time have lived on Salt Island since the 1980s; their rent has been a bag of salt sent to the Queen.

Travel Tips and Tools

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