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Christopher Columbus named the Caribbean Island that is now home to Haiti and the Dominican Republic Hispaniola, and when he saw Samaná, located in the northeast of what is now the Dominican Republic, he remarked that it is “the fairest land on the face of the Earth.” With its verdant rainforests, secluded beaches and hidden caves, the Samaná Peninsula was once a haven for pirates. Today, these very same characteristics are a draw for travelers from around the globe.

Region: Dominican Republic

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Bahia Principe Luxury Samana

Bahia Principe Luxury Samana

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Dom. Republic, Samana

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Many people to this day still believe that this secluded peninsula is the fairest land on the face of the Earth, due to its paradisiacal white-sand beaches, hidden caves, rolling mountains and primeval palm forests. In fact, it has the highest concentration of coconut palms per square meter in the world. The province’s capital, Santa Bárbara de Samaná, overlooks Samaná Bay, which annually hosts thousands of humpback whales from January to March. Some of Santa Bárbara de Samaná’s top attractions include La Churcha, a wooden church built by freed slaves; and Avenida de la Marina, which is dotted with colorful wooden houses.

What to see

Los Haitises National Park – This expansive national park is renowned for its rock formations that jut out into the sea, mangroves, and caves with petroglyphs. Los Haitises National Park is also home to one of the Dominican Republic’s few remaining rainforests, where scenes from “Jurassic Park” were filmed. Avenida de la Marina – This seaside promenade that looks out on Samaná Bay is the heart and soul of Santa Bárbara de Samaná. It is also where you will find a plethora of colorful wooden houses and the Whale Museum. Whale Museum and Nature Center – Located in Santa Bárbara de Samaná, the Whale Museum and Nature Center has exhibits that are bound to educate and thrill, including a 40-foot skeleton of a humpback whale. Playa Rincón – In a province blessed with breathtaking beaches, this one is one of the most beautiful. In fact, Playa Rincón has been ranked one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.