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Sint Eustatius

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Sint Eustatius (Saint Eustatius), locally referred to as Statia, is located near the Caribbean islands Saint Kitts and Saba. Along with Bonaire and Saba, Sint Eustatius comprises the BES Islands, aka the Caribbean Netherlands. This diminutive island is dominated by the dormant Quill, a stratovolcano whose summit reaches 1,972 feet above sea level. Nature-filled Sint Eustatius is also home to Quill/Boven National Park, which boasts hiking trails that traverse 8 vegetation zones and is divided into two sides on either end of the island; black-sand beaches, including wild Zeelandia Beach; and Oranjestad (not to be confused with Oranjestad the capital of Aruba), a historic harbor town where you will find the island’s safest beach, Oranje. Offshore lies the St. Eustatius National Marine Park, which surrounds the entire island and includes pristine coral reefs, abundant sea life, and 18th-century shipwrecks. 

Region: Caribbean

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Golden Rock Dive and Nature Resort

Golden Rock Dive and Nature Resort

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St. Eustatius

This stunning resort is beautifully located on the island of St. Eustatius, referred to as the “last hidden secret in the Caribbean.” The resort combines luxury, adventure, relaxation and fun, and features contemporary rooms, suites, and cottages.

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