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St. Martin & St. Maarten Vacations & Travel

St. Martin & St. Maarten Vacations

A holiday on the magical island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten is like two vacations in one. This tiny 37-square-mile Caribbean isle is the smallest landmass on earth to be shared by two separate nations: France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. There is no actual border dividing the two tiny kingdoms, just a few signs, and landmarks.

We appreciate your patience while we await the recovery of this beautiful destination from the impact of recent hurricanes.

Region: Caribbean

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Secrets St. Martin Resort & Spa

Secrets St. Martin Resort & Spa

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Saint Maarten, Netherlands

With an unparalleled setting on Anse Marcel Bay, this luxurious adults-only all-suite resort features a hip, vibrant atmosphere, stunning views and the largest infinity pool in the Western Caribbean.

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More than 350 years ago, the Concordia Agreement enabled residents to work on either side of the island. The agreement is the oldest treaty of this type in the world.

Columbus named the island after St. Martin of Tours, whose holy day lands on November 11th, the same day the explorer first saw the island. Over the next 150 years, the island was ruled, at times, by Holland, England, France and Spain, until it was peacefully divided between Holland and France in 1648.

Although English is the primary language spoken here, the official languages are Dutch in St. Maarten and French in St. Martin. Spanish, Papiamento, French Creole, and others are also spoken on this cultural crossroads of the Caribbean.

What To Do

Savor a guided tour and tasting at Topper’s Rum Distillery.

Explore some of the island’s highlights, including Oyster Pond, a small lagoon on the east coast; Coralita Bay, with lots of shells; Paradise View; the fabulous Orient Beach; and the historic fort at Marigot.

Enjoy some of the island’s spectacular dive sites while Moray eels, frogfish, sea turtles and southern stingrays swim past.

Pilot your jet ski through warm Caribbean waters.

Cruise with the family through a lagoon to the reef at Creole Rock off the coast of Grand Case during a fun-filled St. Martin Rock ‘n Roll Safari.

Fish for giant marlin swimming beneath the sea or climb Mount Concordia, where the island’s historic Treaty of 1648 was signed by both the French and the Dutch.

When to Go

Near perfect temperatures, especially between January and April, make this island an ideal vacation spot for sun-lovers across the globe. The rainy season lasts from August through November, showering the island’s abundant vegetation and lucky inhabitants with brief showers, while the period between February to April remains relatively dry.