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When to Go

Those looking for a sizzling good time will find it in Placencia during the warmer months of May through September, when temperatures run from 72 F to 88 F. Rainfall is highest between June and November. The cooler months from December through March range from 64 F to 84 F.

Although January through April is considered the dry season, southern Belize is known for both humidity and sun, so rain may fall all year round. Once you’re in the water, it won’t matter a bit. If you happen to visit during June, check out their fun-filled Placencia Lobsterfest.

Region: Belize

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Chabil Mar

Chabil Mar

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Chabil Mar, Mayan for “Beautiful Sea” is a Full-Service Boutique Guest Exclusive Beach Resort in Placencia. Be at Ease and inspired by the Natural Beauty of Belize! Immerse among lush beach-side floral gardens, swimming pools & Luxury Villas.

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Fast Facts

No one remains a stranger for long in Placencia. Friendly locals come from a wide range of backgrounds, including Creoles, Latinos, Maya, Garifunas, East Indian, Chinese, European and North American.

Just a few miles south of Maya Beach on the Placencia Peninsula stands Seine Bight, one of five Garinagu communities in the Stann Creek District, where villagers still practice lively traditions such as drumming, singing and dancing.


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