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Watch Amsterdam bloom in the spring and summer, seasons that also welcome the most vacationers. You’ll find more room to explore this beautiful city during fall and winter, when hotels are less crowded, except around the holidays.

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Pulitzer Amsterdam

Pulitzer Amsterdam

Our 5-Star classification designates those select properties that provide exquisite service and amenities. The discriminating traveler will find the accommodations, ambiance, dining, and staff assistance of the highest caliber. These properties offer the utmost in luxury and will provide an outstanding experience.
Royal Palace (Koninklijk Palei

Comprising a block of 25 restored 17th and 18th century canal houses, this luxury hotel offers distinctive accommodations reflecting the city's history.

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Fast Facts

Amsterdam has 165 canals. If you stand in the right spot on the Bridge of 15 Bridges, between Reguliersgracht and Herengracht, you can view 15 distant arches.

Approximately a third of the country lies below sea level.  A sophisticated system of dikes and pumps protects the coast. 

The official name of the country is the Kingdom of the Netherlands, ruled by King Willem-Alexander. When people refer to Holland, they often think it is the name of the entire country; when, in fact, it is just the name of two of the Netherland’s provinces, Noord-Holland (north) and Zuid-Holland (south).

The Eleven Cities Journey is a skating marathon through the countryside of Friesland in the Netherlands, held each year in January.


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