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Frankfurt Vacations

Germany’s Frankfurt am Main may be the site of one of the world’s most impressive stock markets, but it is also the home of the country’s most renowned literary figure, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, plus some of the region’s most treasured museums and cultural offerings.

Region: Germany

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Frankfurt’s marvelous Museum Riverbank houses such striking exhibition houses as the German Architecture Museum, the German Film Museum, and the Jewish Museum, set along the Main River. The extraordinary Städel Museum features thousands of paintings, sculptures, and designs from the Middle Ages through the 21st century.

The city also offers some prime shopping areas, such as the famous Zeil, a stretch of large department stores and smaller shops at the city center.

Get a real taste of the city at the Zeil’s Konstablerwache farmer’s market. Here, visitors can sample locally-harvested vegetables, wines, and cheeses, along with regional specialties such as the delicious Grüne Soße, a traditional sauce made with hard-boiled eggs and seven fragrant herbs.

Located in the heart of Germany, Frankfurt’s Kaiserdom (Cathedral) and Paulskirche, the original center of German democracy, today stand proudly amidst gleaming downtown skyscrapers and masses of vacationers, and citizens who call Frankfurt their home.

What To Do

If you’re fortunate enough to be in Frankfurt over the Christmas holidays, visit their bright and cheery Christmas Market, one of the largest in Germany.

Explore the incredible artwork at the Städel Museum, including Holbein, Cranach, Botticelli, Dürer, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Monet, Cézanne, Kirchner, and Picasso, as well as more recent artists such as A.R. Penck, Georg Baselitz, and Francis Bacon.

Listen to a classical organ concert at the esteemed Kaiserdom (Cathedral).

Learn more about Germany’s literary master, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, at the Goethe House and Goethe Museum, which showcases the writer’s passion for 18th and 19th-century art.

Attend a concert at the Old Opera House, once ‘Germany’s most beautiful ruin.’ It is now rebuilt and features more than 300 events each year.

Visit the restored St. Paul’s Church (Paulskirche), the meeting place for the first all-German Parliament, and the historic spot where the National Assembly created Germany’s first democratic constitution.

When to Go

Sitting proudly along the banks of the river Main in the heart of the country, Frankfurt’s weather can be moody at times. The most popular months for vacationers are March through May and September through October. Summer is often hot. During this time, much of the activity takes place along the riverbank and other outdoor venues. Although winter is usually quite cold, that doesn’t discourage visitors and locals from enjoying the festive Christmas market.