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The driest months in the Cyclade’s lushest isle run between April and September, peaking in July. January sees the most rain, while February is the coolest. Temperatures generally remain between 60 F and 80 F on Greece’s beguiling, authentic isle.

Region: Greece

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Nissaki Beach Hotel

Nissaki Beach Hotel

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Naxos Town

This magnificent boutique hotel on the beautiful island of Naxos is just a stone's throw from the main town, yet far removed from the bustling crowds.

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Fast Facts

The name of the lovely mountain village of Apiranthos means plenty of flowers.

The remains of a temple dedicated to Demeter, goddess of grain, were unearthed in 1949 in the fertile valley near Sangri on Naxos.

Naxos is the lushest isle of the entire Greek Cyclades archipelago. It has been inhabited continuously since the 4th century BC.

The leaves of the island’s citron fruit have long been distilled into raki and Kitron liquors so popular on Naxos. Markos Vallindras established the first Naxos Kitron distillery back in 1896. The liquor is still enjoyed throughout the world.

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