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When to Go

The most popular time to visit Prague and the Czech Republic is in May and June when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, and during the Easter, Christmas and New Year holidays.

Many locals vacation away from the city in the summer, leaving more room for international visitors. Temperatures usually remain in the low 70s F during the summer season.

As lovely as the city looks during the warmer months, Prague seems like it’s meant to be seen under a cozy blanket of snow.

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Fast Facts

The movie industry loves Prague and the Czech Republic. The first films made here in the late 19th century were silent and created in black and white. More recently, movies such as Amadeus (1984), Les Misérables (1998), and the Illusionist (2006) all had scenes shot in Prague.

The Czech Republic features the highest per capita consumption of beer in the world. Beer lovers and other curious souls thirsting for adventure can tour the famous Pilsner Urquell Brewery outside Prague.


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