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Switzerland Vacations

Located in west-central Europe and bordered by France, Germany, and Austria, Switzerland is well-known for its natural beauty, serene lakes, wide-open wildflower meadows, waterfalls, and small mountain villages. 

Region: Europe

Switzerland Destinations:

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Zurich Marriott Hotel

Zurich Marriott Hotel

Our 4-Star classification designates those properties with well-appointed, deluxe accommodations, extensive amenities and comprehensive guest services. Expect attention to detail and a warm and hospitable staff ready to cater to your needs. These superb properties offer a truly refined getaway.
Zurich Hauptbahnhof

Nestled along the banks of the Limmat River, this downtown hotel offers paramount access to iconic destinations with stunning views of Lake Zurich and Swiss mountains.

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What to Do

  • Zürich: Known for their historic community, beautiful lake, enchanting shops, museums, community, and night life. Zürich can be found in north-central Switzerland, northwest of Lake Zürich.
  • Geneva: This city is surrounded by the Alps and Jura Mountains. Take some time to explore its largest lake, surrounding mountains, Old Town, cobbled streets, outdoor baths, and historic architecture.
  • Bern: This historic capital of Switzerland is surrounded by the blue waters of the Aare river. It is also an UNESCO World Heritage site and can easily be reached via train.
  • Swiss Train Travel: the SBB (Schweizerische BundesBahn) is a dynamic way to travel and view Switzerland’s countryside. Rail transport in Switzerland holds a strong reputation for comfort, efficiency, and reliability, with frequent stops, and stunning views.


Switzerland is teeming with activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, and skiing. It is an ideal location for a road trip or even to view by the window of a train, since the railway system is reliable and often just as picturesque. Take the opportunity to explore skiing from the Zermatt Ski Resort, one of the highest in the world, or hike the numerous trails that wind through the Swiss Alps. Aside from the outdoor activities, Switzerland is also known for its cheese, chocolate, and fondue. There are also several unique festivals throughout the year, honoring the culture and history of this uniquely breathtaking country.