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Sitting at a lofty 1,339 feet, surrounded by lakes and mountains, Zurich lies at a considerably lower altitude than its country’s remarkable Monte Rose at 15, 2013 feet high in the Swiss Alps. Still, blue skies are frequently seen in this northern European city, blessed with some of cleanest air on the continent. Summer is gorgeous and hot, while autumn turns the trees into glorious shades of gold and vermillion. Never too humid, Zurich enjoys some remarkable thunderstorms and little wind.

Region: Switzerland

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The Sechseläuten festival marks the beginning of the summer, when the city explodes a giant snowman in the town center; while winter is heralded in with a parade of youngsters holding candles in carved-out turnips during the yearly Räbeleichti.

The Fraumünster Church (Minster of Our Lady) is partially famous for its stained glass windows by Giacometti and Chagall, each depicting a different Biblical story.

It is believed that Zurich’s legendary Grossmünster Church was founded by Emperor Charlemagne during the 8th or 9th century. Apparently, he came upon the burial grounds of the city’s two patron saints, Felix and Regula, after following a giant deer throughout Europe to Zurich. According to the legend, Charlemagne’s horse and hounds bowed down at the site. Believing it to be a sign from God, Charlemagne ordered a church to be built in this exact location. Even today, the emperor’s presence can be seen with a statue cast here in his honor.

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