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One of Europe’s most picturesque centers of banking and finance, Zurich sits like a gilded crown upon sparkling Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland. This clean, well-mannered city is the polar opposite of the bustling towns of southern Europe.

Zurich’s charms may be less boisterous, but they are equally plentiful. Walk through history in the city’s Old Town, with its charming medieval homes and narrow walkways.

Region: Switzerland

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Best Western Plus Hotel Zuercherhof

Best Western Plus Hotel Zuercherhof

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Zurich Hauptbahnhof

This hotel is located in the heart of the historic old town, just a short walk from the main Zurich railway station.

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Zurich's iconic double towers of the Grossmünster Church (Great Minster) provide one of the city’s most notable landmarks; its Fraumünster Church (Minster of Our Lady) is famous for its stained glass windows created by renowned artists Giacometti and Chagall. While the city may not always move like a Swiss watch, Peterskirche (Peter's Church) does hold Europe’s biggest clock face. And the city’s more than 50 museums, 100 art galleries and other inviting attractions all run quite efficiently.

With an international airport offering flights in 150 diverse directions, and a railway station that provides a hub for all of Europe, Zurich is clearly a world-class travel destination.

What To Do

Swimmers and nature lovers will discover a pleasant mix of lakes and pools throughout Zurich.

Explore some of the city’s dozens of museums, such as the Kunsthaus Zürich, with fine arts from the Middle Ages to the modern day, the Rietberg Museum, exquisitely displaying non-European art, and the Swiss National Museum, resembling a fairytale castle, showcasing an extensive range of the country’s cultural heritage.

Children and their parents will love the immense Zurich Zoo, housing hundreds of species of wildlife from the Madagascan Masoala Rainforest, and beyond.