Colosseum, Rome

Rome Vacation Packages

Rome is an adventure. Narrow cobbled streets wind through the historic city center, and at every turn a new discovery. A hidden courtyard, a centuries-old church, a little taverna that isn't in any of the guidebooks – this is the true Rome.

Stepping out on the streets of Rome is like stepping into the past, a time when Rome was the center of the world. The city never stops or slows, with scooters darting bravely through traffic, street vendors hawking their wares and the general bustle of people living their lives in the shade of the city's gleaming domes. Some of the world's most famous architecture is preserved here, from the crumbling bowl of the Colosseum to the painted glory of the Sistine Chapel. For lovers of art, culture and history, there's no better place than a Rome vacation to begin the adventure of a lifetime.
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