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Milos Vacations

Exquisite whitish-grey volcanic rock formations, and some of the planet’s most vivid blue-green seas lure locals and vacationers to delightful Milos in the Cyclades region of Greece. Known as the island of colors, gorgeous Milos offers a truly authentic Greek experience. Less crowded and less expensive than many other Greek islands, Milos is a priceless gem in the middle of the sparkling Aegean Sea.

Region: Greece

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Domes White Coast Milos

Domes White Coast Milos

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Escape to an adult-only private waterfront haven boasting luxury and stunning natural Cycladic beauty.

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This breathtaking landscape was the birthplace of one of the world’s most renowned sculptures, Venus de Milo, currently on display at the Louvre in Paris.

This former Spartan colony is rich in minerals and natural wonders. Its natural port of Adamas offers one of the region’s safest harbors. Ancient mineral baths in Adamas, called Ta Loutra tou Lakkou (Baths of the Pit), are very popular.

The island’s capital city of Plaka, home to a Frankish castle, ancient acropolis, archaeology and folk art museums, and an ancient theatre, which serves as the site of the Milos Festival each summer, sits high atop a hill. Christian Catacombs lie nearby in the village of Tripiti, close to the site where the 4th century statue of Aphrodite was uncovered in 1820. And remnants of one of the region’s most crucial settlements, spanning nearly two thousand years from 3300-1100 BC, can be viewed at Filakopi. Wherever you roam on this stunning island paradise, you’ll feel the healing waters, spectacular scenery and life-affirming sunshine seep into your soul.

What To Do

Kayak amid the shining turquoise seas surrounding Milos.

Take a short ferry ride to the Folk and Maritime Museum of Kimolos across the sea from Milos.

Visit a shining gem, the Mineral and Mining Museum in Adamas.

Discover the island’s extraordinary scenery on a boat excursion from Adamas around the entire island. Dive beneath the waves to see more delightful sights at the Pollonia dive center.

Explore the island’s myriad wonders, ancient and scenic, via car or motorbike. Swim or sunbathe amid marvelous Milos beaches, such as the mineral baths of Lagkada and Paleohori, or long sandy stretches of Provotas. Explore the summer homes and beaches of the fishing village of Pollonia.

Discover the white pumice rock formations and nearby shipwreck at Sarakiniko beach in the north and the vivid blue sulfuric water at Papafragas.