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The climate in Milos and the Cyclades generally bestows dry, hot summers and mild winters. Summer temperatures usually remain in the mid-80s F. Winter weather brings welcome rain to the region from November through March. Daytime temperatures in the peak of this season rest at a comfortable 55.

Region: Greece

Fast Facts

One of the world’s most impressive sculptures, the Venus de Milo, was unearthed in Milos. Dating back to around 100 BC, this irresistible depiction of the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, now charms visitors at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Milos can be reached by plane, boat or ferry. It has been somewhat of a hidden gem cherished by locals, and more recently, discovered by world travelers in search of an earthly paradise that would make Aphrodite smile.

The area’s ancient mineral baths in Adamas called Ta Loutra tou Lakkou (Baths of the Pit) were noted by renowned 5th century Greek physician Hippocrates as helpful for the skin. These waters continue to help a variety of conditions.

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