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Poland is located in central Europe and stretches from the shores of the Baltic Sea in the north to the Carpathian Mountains in the south. It is home to some of Europe's most historic cities, including Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk.

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Stradom House, Autograph Collection

Stradom House, Autograph Collection

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Royal Wawel Castle

This modern wellness lifestyle venue is ideally located in an outstanding historical building in Krakow near the Royal Castle.

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Throughout the centuries, this historic crossroads country has been invaded by Germans, Mongols and more, and even disappeared from the world map for a while. However, Poland always retained its culture, and today is a member of both NATO and the European Union. Poland is home to a plethora of picturesque cities including Krakow and Gdansk. Its capital, Warsaw, was largely destroyed during WWII, but rose from the ashes to become the country’s largest and most vital city. Some of Poland’s must-see sights include Malbork Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, which traces the fate of Poland during the war; Wawel Royal Castle, one of Krakow’s most-visited attractions; Old Town Warsaw, another UNESCO World Heritage Site; and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. 

What to See

Warsaw – Poland’s capital and largest city is a treasure trove of history. Old Town is the oldest section of Warsaw and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will find the Royal Castle, which once served as a residence of the Polish monarchs and today is a state museum and the place where Poland’s Constitution of May 3 was passed, a document for freedom and political equality. Lazienki Park was designed in the 17th century and a theater was later added to its grounds. It serves as a popular site for festivals, concerts, arts, and cultural celebrations, such as the Chopin Concerts. 

Krakow – This historic and beautiful city’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains one of the largest market squares in Europe, as well as a plethora of historic palaces, houses, and churches. Krakow is also home to Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, where during WWII Schindler helped more than a thousand of his Jewish workers survive the Holocaust, as depicted in the movie “Schindler’s List,” and the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, the heart of Krakow's Jewish community since medieval times.

Gdansk – This city on the Baltic is Poland’s primary seaport and rich in history. Some of its top attractions include the Museum of the Second World War, which presents guests with an in-depth look at Poland’s involvement in WWII; St. Mary’s Basilica, one of the largest brick churches in the world; and the Crane, a 15th-century wooden port crane used to load cargo onto ships on the Motlawa River that today is part of the National Maritime Museum. 

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum – This former Nazi concentration and extermination camp, approximately 45 miles from Krakow, is a haunting reminder of the Holocaust, as more than a million men, women and children lost their lives here. Today, this memorial, museum and UNESCO World Heritage Site contains Auschwitz I, where you will find the visitor center and museum; Auschwitz II, or Birkenau, the structures of the camp left almost exactly as they were when the Nazis abandoned them at the end of WWII; thousands of relics that once belonged to prisoners, as well as SS personnel; and artwork created by Auschwitz prisoners.