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Moorea – The Magical Island

A short flight from the Island of Tahiti and only 30 minutes by high-speed catamaran, Moorea is surrounded by a barrier reef and eight mountain peaks – What you would imagine a South Seas island to be.

A favorite for repeat visitors who enjoy peaceful meadows, waterfalls, beaches, upscale resorts with overwater bungalows and the only golf course in French Polynesia.

The beauty of Moorea is unforgettable.

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Region: Tahiti

Featured Moorea Hotel

Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa

Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa

Our 4.5-Star classification designates those properties with well-appointed, deluxe accommodations, extensive amenities and comprehensive guest services. Expect attention to detail and a warm and hospitable staff ready to cater to your needs. These superb properties offer a truly refined getaway. Half star indicates that the hotel/resort meets all criteria of the designated rating and exceeds in certain areas.

This resort boasts a picturesque location, and features luxurious beach and overwater bungalows with private terraces and glass floor viewing panels.

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