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When to Go

Rangiroa enjoys a tropical climate with miniature motu rainforests. There are plenty of welcome showers, plus high temperatures, which creates humidity. The best time to visit is during the dryer winter season, from May to October. The temperatures are a bit cooler and there is less rain during this time.

Region: Tahiti

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Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa

Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa

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This secluded resort features garden, beach and overwater bungalows on the edge of the second largest lagoon in the world.

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Fast Facts

Vin de Tahiti is the only vineyard in the world growing on a coral atoll. Rangiroa’s atoll is made up of 418 tiny islands, only two of which are inhabited.

On Rangiroa, the sea life is nearly as friendly as the natives and will usually allow you to photograph them up close during your dive.

Only 2,500 people live on Rangiroa year-round.

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