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Tikehau, an oval-shaped atoll approximately seven miles from Rangiroa, has a large pass and a series of islets. Tikehau is the true, classic atoll - a low tropical island created by coral rising up above the sea level, and then gradually eroding away. Tikehau is an oval shaped atoll that consists of a series of flat motus (islands), surrounding a pristine, magnificent lagoon packed with thriving and varied species of marine life.

The charming village of Tuherahera (population 350) is situated on the south end of the largest motu - here you will find the friendly smiles of the local residents tending the small flower gardens of their well kept houses.

The real draws of Tikehau are the beaches and the incredible snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. If you enjoy miles of beautiful pink sand beaches, sparkling turquoise water, and a peaceful/quiet atmosphere then you will love Tikehau.

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Region: Tahiti

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Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts

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